Increasing Your Monetization Of Your Website


Adding Clickbank To Your Web Page

Clickbank is one of the largest retailers in the world. Most of the retail products available from Clickbank are digital information products.

We are living in the information age, and for the first time individuals who have a specialty can now market their knowledge and profit from it as well.

If you do not have a Clickbank account, there is a video on this site, as of 2/10/2011, that walks you through the Clickbank account set up process.

You will find a product that compliments your niche website. By adding in a viable  product or products you will increase your potential for income from your web site.

Insert The Clickbank Option Into Your Website


  • Add Your Adsense, without overwhelming your visitors
  • Sign Up for Clickbank
  • Search the Marketplace for a product that is relevant to your site
  • Make sure that when you set up the Clickbank product link make sure that you make it open in a new window
  • Download the Clickbank product list, update your listing every 3 months
  • Decide which product fits your needs
  • XSITE PRO2.5 will obtain the hop link for the product
  • If Your Hop Link is a text link you can change the ad text
  • Add images, with XSITE PRO2.5 wizard
  • Insert the link, make sure that you make your link a no follow
  • Preview the page, check your link
  • XSITE PRO2.5 will mask your affiliate link
  • To insert a hop ad, you choose from 2 different styles
  • Use the Tracking ID, you need to know what is working in your advertising space
  • Adjust the the size of your hop link to your page as appropiate
  • close the wizard
  • Check your page
  • Preview

One of the great things about building your own website, is being to add to remove the items, advertising, or pages when you want to, not when your Web Designer wants to or not. If you are deleting a page tha has been posted remember to put a redirect on that page or your visitors will get  a 404 Error message.

Clickbank is a great way to add monetization to your diy website. You are in control, and as you can see it is a simple task that once you familiarize yourself with your diy website, you will be able to quicker and smarter, thorugh out the life of your web site.





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