Adding Facebook Social Buttons to Your Website


Social Bookmarks

It is important to realize that in today's internet social bookmarking and recommending is more than just a trend. While many websites do not have any social buttons added to their website, you will.

One of the key factors of success is IRL for brick and mortar businesses is word of mouth. Social bookmarks are essentially your internet word of mouth promotions. It does not cost you anything, so with a few clicks of the mouse, and working with the social wizard in XSITE PRO2.5 you can add this viral potential to your website.

We will also be covering social bookmarking and how to integrate social widgets, in Social Buttons. The training there will take you site to a more widely exposed level. But right now you  need to get your XSITE PRO2.5 website set up quickly, the finer details can always be added at a later date.

Adding Facebook To Your Site 


  • Using the Right Click to open your social  media wizard
  • Fill out the details
  • Choose you layout, one of three
  • Choose to have recommended  Facebook users picture
  • Choose your font
  • Insert Button where you want it on your page
  • Publish you site, view your button

If you would like more information on how to make your website go viral, check out the social media section page on this website.



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