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Lesson 14 part 3 

Ok so you have looked at Google Analytics, and hopefully taken some time to check out the videos I have posted under Google Analytics.

So now let's take a quick look at the Other Analytics.

If you want to use more than one Analytic Program then you will want to take a look at the overview video posted here. This is an overview of the "other analytics". By no means, are these all the analytical programs that are available on the web today, however the programs featured on this video should be considered.

The Other Analytic Programs



Determine the trends of your websiteThe Other Analytics

An effective web design is one in which your users are able to find information easily, quickly and in a logically.

Are your website visitors able to find what they are looking for? Have you made it easy for your visitors to locate the information that they are seeking out? Are your visitors landing on the right page?

Your content, your website map are very important, but it’s not just about the content either. If your website loads slowly – or your website load from page to page or link to link is slower than molasses, this will run your web visitors away just as quickly.

These things can be the make-or-break factors between a user clicking on a link to find more information, or just leaving to find it elsewhere.

Some things to consider:

  • Your web visitors need to locate the information you offer quickly
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Is you website layout logical, and easy to follow through?
  • What is the speed of your website and page load? Too Slow?

Here is list of the Other Analytics Programs Take a look at the different Analytics Programs available


Grab a  Free Account

While you are deciding which analytics program will work for you, you definitely will want consider using Click Tale Free Account

I have found that Click Tale offers some very good insights to my websites. While some I kinda of knew others I had not yet paid enough attention to until I saw my reports.

 Click Heat

Now Click Heat is a great addition to any analytics that you may employ. Click Heat is currently a free program. There will be a detailed video on how to implement this tool on your site, when we  have reached that important addition to your website building. So take a few moments to look at their demo Click Heat  

Click Density

Here is the direct link to Click Density benefits and demo page. As you will see Click Density brings a lot of tools to the table for their customers. Take a few minutes to look at their over all services.


Clicky is definitely worth you time in reviewing . Clicky offers a very large array of tools within its services. Clicky has a huge clientele across the web making it a service to be reckoned with in its service offering. A straight forward approach on the Clicky dashboard makes logical and easy to use.

Crazy Egg

While I haven't used Crazy Egg , I have read many reviews like this one, which is condensed version of all that I have read. I have provided a link to Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg Link to Posting Site
Pros - Cheaper.
Cons - Does not record videos, but still provides valuable heat map data. Also, does not provide a free trial.

The unbiased view is posted by a web developer.

While it may seem as though I have not put forth much effort in Crazy Egg, the fact is I do know it is out there for use, and that it brings a lot of potential to the table at a reasonable fee.

Attention Wizard

Just like in the video, I mentioned that Attention Wizard is not an analytics program, it is connected with great analytics program Site Tuners. Attention Wizard is a great tool to get insight on your website. The important layout, what your web visitors will see. Imagine if you got a real honest opinion about your site before you went weeks not knowing what the issue or hold up may be on your site.  This is what Attention Wizard will do for you.

Validate Your Web Designs Before They Go Live

  • Get instant validation - just upload an image
  • No eye-tracking or mouse-tracking needed
  • Use with live pages or design mock-ups
  • Easily identify landing page problems
  • Increase your conversion rates  

Attention Wizard  check out their site you will be glad that you did.  It is the one tool that will keep you in front of your customers.



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