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Google Voice for busy website ownersSetting Up Your Google Voice




Google Voice Offers Many Conveniences 

One of the cool things about living today is all of the gadgets that increase productivity. From the Smart Phone to the world of wireless. Google has taken great steps to asist their users, from gmail, Google video chat, to Google Voice.

Since your business is on the web, it just stands to reason that your ability to communicate to your customers, and clients should be on the web.

What is Google Voice

 Google Voice is simply another great tool offered gy the team at Google. With this tools you can slim down your communication devices, and your time, which is irreplaceable.


 A Brief Overview of Google Voice

Take a look at this video that Google has put together. After this  video you need to watch the next video to determine which service will work for you.

Once you have watched these two Videos, I have made a video for you, to see how to sign up for Google Voice!


There are TWO Options for Google Voice


 Google Voice Sign Up Options

Google Voice offers two options for their services. Before you set up your Google Voice service take a minute to watch this video. It will help you decide which service will work for you.


I have prepared a video for you, on how to sign up for Google Voice. Once you have set up your account you will want to come back here to watch the Google complimentary videos that will help you get more from your new free Google Service.

Set Up and Establish Your Google Voice Account

Now that you have set up your Google voice you will want to watch the following videos from Google. Each of these videos will make your Google Voice more powerful and user friendly for you and your customers.


How to take Calls in Google Voice is on the next page!


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