The Starting Block of your do it yourself websiteIn The Beginning


Lesson 3

It is a matter of opinion where one should begin when building a website. However it is easy understand the excitement of seeing your website taking shape in front of your eyes. It is like doing a build out on your brick and mortar business, you want to see it now.

So I have taken the time to create a website building format that is easy to understand and follow, and will take you from zero to 60 in your website building.

Things You Will Need To Build Your Website:

  • Computer - Laptop preferably, but a desktop will work great 
  • Web connection - If you do not have internet, read our suggestions
  • Antivirus - There are some free ones that really do quite nicely, here is the link to our page on antivirus programs.
  • Email account - not one of the phoo-phoo emails but an email that has validity and great spam filters.
  • A folder compressor - Win ZIP, most PC’s have the folder compressor and extractor.
  • Notepad++ - you can download it here.
  • A Productivity program - MS Office or Open Office (open office is a free productivity tools that is comparable to MS Office)
  • PayPal - If you are creating an online business you will need Paypal
  • Business License or LLC - to protect yourself and your business. You can apply for an LLC from rocket lawyer
  • Business checking - Most banks will not allow you to open a business checking account without Corporation, LLC, or a business license.
  • A Prepaid Visa/MasterCard - limit your spending online, create a debt free business Prepaid Visa Card - No credit check. Quick approval.
  • Website Editor - The first Website Editor we will be working with is XSITE PRO 2.5, if you do not have XSITE PRO 2.5, it is at the time of this publishing around $200.
  • Domain - I suggest you purchase your domain  First Step Domain .
  • Web Hosting- We use and suggest Hostgator-


Your ToolBox Your tool box for your build it your self website

Just like any toolbox that you have ever assembled, you have the basic tools needed to put together a great website that will work for personal uses or business, and eCommerce site.






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