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Internet Connect  


Lesson 5

Your Internet Connection

It is important that you have an internet connection as you will be building a website that will be uploaded to the internet.

Today due to economic stresses, and needful personal financial cutbacks you may not have an internet connection. All though to have a internet business, or personal website, it is vital and important you can access the internet.

There are a few places that you can obtain your internet connection without costing you any more than the gas or time to walk to where you can get on the internet for free.

Here are a few suggestions and places to look for:

Free WiFi great solution when building your do it your website

  • McDonald’s- many Mickey D’s have free WIFI on premise
  • Orlando- Del Taco Restaurants have free customer WIFI just ask the clerk for the password.
  • Panera Bread Restaurants usually have free WIFI on premise
  • Starbucks-some are free on premise others have a fee based web internet access
  • WIFI Hotspots is a quick way to locate free or fee based WIFI

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