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Researching your Niche Keywords



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Lesson 15 Part 2

While everything that you have been learning so far on this website, as far as establishing your foundation for your diy website, has been provide with no charge to you, I must make a living as well, so from here on out, many of tutorials will have a nominal fee attached to them. If you desire to continue on with the indepth teaching modules from www.yourdiywebsite.com most of the valuable self learning videos will have a price posted for you to choose, purchase and view/download.

Okay with all that said let's press on to success.


Keyword research is by and large the niche best friend. Even with all that I am familiar with in my niche I still do research on every new website that I am setting up. Times change, buyers change, with the internet use expansion over the past few years to many of the countries around the world the consumer demands have changed as well.
This is really important if you will be competing with other websites for internet sales, page rank and to get on the front page of the search engine. Here is a number for you, 99.9% of the websites created this year will fail because the website developer (that's you and I) will fail to do this; keyword research. Most people use a search engine primarily use Google, when they want to find a service, product or location on the internet. They type in a word or a phrase and then skim through the results that the search engines returns seeking for their ideal result. If they don'find it the first time around they re arrange their keyword phrases and words, until they find what they are looking for.

Understanding that people are the same but different, cultures drive a huge part of any market. Even when your market is your local hair salon, the diverse needs and expectations of customers is different from one person to the next.

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