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The Power Of Long Tail Keyword Phrases



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Long Tail Keyword Phrases

So onward and upward will be your results in the search engines as you develop you Long Tail keywords throughout your entire website.

One of the biggest mistakes website developers make is assuming that the keyword phrases that they implemented in the beginning of the creation of their website continues on, and that those initial keyword phrases will carry their site as they expand.

Not true, however nearly everyone has done that at some time or another when they have created a website and web pages. If you want organic natural growth of your web site then plant it deep with the tools that are required for long term growth.

Making Your Website Sticky

Making your site “sticky” is the best thing you can do for your website.To make a website sticky, you first need to build up your keyword list. Again how to do that is available here. 

Continuing your expansion of keywords into short tail keyword phrases following that with direct references of phrases that are keyword based to your content is what LONG TAIL Keyword phrases are all about.

Let us continue with previous scenario we started with in the Short tail Keyword phrases. The example was:

ABC Website Design

We left off with following example
ABC Web Design Product or Service Offers
We offer the following services :
  • Small Business Web Design
  • Medium Business Web Design
  • Large Or Corporate Web Designs

Anyone who is in business today needs to expand their potential for success. A great small business web design can help you in building customer relationships. Your customers are using the internet, why aren’t you?

If you currently have a small business web site that is not as successful as you would like it to be give us a call for a free evaluation of your current web design. A complete detail of our business web designs are available upon request.
Fill out the form below with your information, be sure to include your website address, what you like about your current web design, as well as what updated web design features you are seeking.

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