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Growing Your Site With Quick Page Module

As you grow in the building of your website there will come a time that you will want to add some "quick pages" either for a new product, service, or information. Having the ability to integrate pages into your website quickly will speed up your time on getting them produced and published.

When you are building your website, you will have a "light bulb" moment. It is when the lights come on for an idea, or product, information or services that you need to strike while the iron is hot. Using the Quick Page module will help you execute on the moment.

Adding Quick Pages To Your Website


  • Quick Page Module is located in the Left Panel  at the top you will see the Other Tab choose quick pages and click on it.
  • Choose which type style of  template that you would like to use.
  • If you have a product or service or source of information that you have an opinion on, using the review page can increase your website monetization.
  • Using the typical review layout, you can add images, ratings and insert links that you have for the item you are reviewing.
  • Quick Content, find or access content from your own results or from the product that you may be promoting, from the right click of the mouse, within your site
  • Set up your headers and testimonials, again you can get your testimonials from a couple of places your website visitors of course, or from the product or service that you may be promoting.
  • Preview your page. Make any corrections that you may want to make.
  • Publish your site.




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