Setting Up your AnalyticsSetting Up your Analytics



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Lesson 14

Analytics- Quick and Easy Set up

Google analytics is a great free tool that will give you tons of information over the lifetime of your successful website. While we are still in the ground breaking stage of establishing your web presence, you are now going to start to setup your foundation to your website.

Information on who is using your website and how long they are on the site as well as to which page is the most popular, your entrances and exits of your visitors is key to your long term success.

So let's take some time to look at Google Analytics user interface.


Check out Google Video Page for more videos tutorials about Google Analytics

Google Analytics-Great Free Tool Tha will help you build your website successLesson 14 Exercise


After we cover the publishing of your site we will come back here and get you all set up to implement your website analytics.

  • set up your analytics
  • copy and paste your code in to your folder for your website
  • take a look at the dashboard on the side of your analytics page
  • Get ready for your next step, we will be setting the foundation of your website and forming the key elements to a successful website.

The best diy website design will not be a benefit, without first doing all of the ground work needed to get tot he front page of the search engines.



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