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Over the past few lesson you have

  1. You established your level of skill
  2. You have assembled and implemented the important tools needed to build your website
  3. You have a computer or access to one
  4. You have anti virus protection
  5. You have a DNS domain name server recommended First Step Domain You have a hosting service recommended Hostgator or you have chosen another from the comparison chart.
  6. You have set up your email accounts on your web host account
  7. You have set up your gmail with all of the web mail tools that you need right now
  8. You have reviewed  Google analytics , or the other analytics
  9. You have filed your nails because you have been biting them off in anticipation of "getting started with building your diy website"

Great now that you have assembled your required tools to be able to follow along and build your diy website, let's do the basic research of your chosen NICHE. You can and are able to have a successful site. You just need  to say to yourself ,

"Self I can build my own website, I am able to follow the yourdiywebsite lessons. I will build my own website from scratch and I will save time, money and have a lot of fun building my own website. I can build my own web page....I can create my own website...I will make my own website"

While this little step may seem ridiculous, it really is a tool for you. The best teacher and instructor I have ever had in my life told me daily as I was growing up this simple statement.

"If you can conceive an idea,  and you believe in the idea, you will acheive it!"

Conceive, Believe, Acheive!

That was my Mom every day. After all of these years it still holds true.



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