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Study the elements of your websiteYour Website Features and Elements



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Lesson 11

Features and Elements


What type of elements would  like to on your page is as important as your content. While the web developers are moving to more and more video content for their pages you may just be featuring your products from informational pieces to products that you offer in your store.

If you are going to use video, I suggest that you take sometime with working with video on a testing basis to emsure quality of your videos. No one likes to view a video that is full of start and stop vocals or a stuttering about of a pointer on the screen looking like it is a fly trying to get out of the video.

Over the next few weeks, depending on when you landed on this page of course, we will be going over how to implement video into your website. Don't be alarmed if you think that you do not have a good voice for video work, or that you could not implement the great tool that video is to the viewer. Here is a simple video that you will notice is simple, direct, and the instructions throughout the video are clearly heard .

As you can see this is a very clear and consise video demonstration of food. It was shot with hand held video recorder on a tripod, in my kitchen.

This type of video, is how to, video while your videos may demonstrate how to use your product, or endorsement of a product line. You may also implement video from online sources as well.

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