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Lesson 13

Setting up your Gmail

Gmail is one of the most adaptable email services around. The business person and or online web business person will benefit from the offers that are available for free. Gmail for your diy . If you currently have a gmail account let me help you out, DO NOT USE IT FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Set up another account just for your website.

Okay so watch the video as I set up the account for my website

This Video will be posted shortly.



Email a key element when your create a websiteLesson Excercise

  1. Alright now just to go over what we saw in the video
  2. You set up your gmail account at
  3. You set up your folders in your gmail account
  4. You set up your telephone number for your gmail account and business
  5. You set up your forwarding messages to your smartphone if have one that receives text messages
  6. You set up your forwarders on your hostgator  or hosted email accounts to your account



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