How to Add Adsense Links Through the Xsite Pro Wizard


When you add Adsense to your website you are increasing your ability to obtain revenue from your  website.

While adsense accounts are easily set up, you should note that you do not want to overwhelm your site with "too many" ad campaigns.

Keeping your webpage clean with some Adsense is not only good for you but for your website visitors. Allowing Google or Amazon to intelligently ad adds that is relevant to your content will be a benefit for you, and your web visitors.

XSite Pro Video of Setting Up Your Adsense on Your Website


  • Set up your Google Affiliate Adsense Account
  • Set up your Amazon Account
  • In Xsite Pro add in the affiliate icon in the Xsite Pro windos and add your adsense information
  • Format your Google Adsense
  • Set your channel to follow results
  • Make test changes to your Google adsense
  • Set up your affiliate sites partnerships
  • Add affiliate information into Xsite Pro
  • Always input the commission percentages
  • Inserting Text Based links

AVAILABLE 2/28/2011

If you are unsure about how to set up your affiliate accounts, type in the search bar above for "Setting up Affiliate Accounts" there is a video that is available for you to preview on how to get your accounts with affiliate advertising.


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