Adding Content Pages To Your XSite Website


Creating Pages For Your Website

In this following video, you will see how to create you web pages for your website. As you are now becoming more familiar with the XSITE PRO2.5 editor, you are definitely becoming more comfortable with your ability to really do it yourself.

In the videos that I am providing, in addition to the current videos, you will get a more in depth training on keyword implementation, layout, and short cuts. Yet the videos that are posted  here are great, and wll instruct and get you well aware of the increasing possibilities that are available to you when you are using XSITE PRO2.5.

Adding Content Pages To Your Web Site


  • Add Your Web pages
  • Designate your Home Page
  • Be sure to have keywords in place
  • Add your description that has some of your keywords included. It is easier to take a excerpt from your content on the page. Your description is your Meta Data.
  • Navigation of your pages. Choosing if you want the page on the info bar that runs horizontal or vertical
  • Adding your additional pages unless you have your content already in created then I suggest that you make 5 pages.
  • Suggested Titles for your first five pages, while this list is very basic it will get you started.
    • Home
    • Products
    • Services
    • Terms of  Service
    • Privacy Page
    • Site Map- can be auto generated

Take time to make your keyword list, and input your page description. Do not overlook or put off to another day. One of the key webpage dynamics that is inter-woven into the XSITE PRO2.5 web editor is the site map feature. Your page descriptions will be seen not only by the search engines but will also be on your site map page.



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