Getting to Know Your Designer in Xsite Pro


Entering and Adding, Content to Your Web Page

The How, Where and Why....... Have you ever been a web page that was difficult to next to impossible to navigate through just on the web page itself? Let us not include the sites like the one in the orientation video on this site that truly reflected those issues.

Content, image and navigation are so very important that I want you to closely watch these next videos. Implement the techniques and layout suggestions into your own web pages.  Building your own website is should now truly be unfolding before you eyes. If you are following the tutorials, your diy website will quickly find itself published and being viewed mutlitple times per week, then per day and per  hour.

Working with Xsite Pro Designer


  • Your Primary Design Area, the design tab.
  • Keynote, in the pasting of content from MS Word do not forget to use the design tool function that has the "W" pasting your Word content by using that function will strip out the useless, unfriendly SEO code that Microsoft automatically produces when you use it. Keeping you code as clean as possible will help you when it comes to SEO optimization.
  • Choosing your different fonts and justifiucation and colors of your font
  • Search features
  • Spell Checker
  • The Right click of your mouse will reveal additional elements and wizards.
  • Snippets will allow you to add search boxes or other code that you will be learning.
  • Automated scripts-
  • Alt Text
  • Adsense
  • Ability to add your own source code

Take sometime to play with the different features that available to you when you are in the design tab. These features are also available to you in the designer of the page layout. If you click on the Page Layout tab and scroll into the header you will see a design tab there. Also you will find the design tab in the left and right panel as well as the footer.



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