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The Genesis Of Your Website

As in all things it is the idea that comes first. Even if you are not the creative type you do have an idea what you would like if you had you own website.

Since you have already established your First Step Domain name, gotten your web hosting, from Hostgator, purchased your web editor from XSITE PRO2.5, this next video will help you launch your idea into reality.

As you have seen in the previous videos, if you are not totally satisfied with your web design, it is a "No Worries" position that you  are in. XSITE PRO2.5 templates or your own designed template are easily moved in to be your new look for your website. So don't panic or get stuck on the premise that you may not be 100% happy about your websites current look. That is an easy fix that you can grow into as your taste and needs may change over time.

In this tutorial, you will get further help in how to layout your website.


  • Create your Project
  • Add your Base Keywords when you create your project
  • Add Your Website to the Project
  • Choose your Website Template or implement your own design
  • Remember to save your project and website
  • Congratulations! You have started creating your new website!

Here is another video that will give you another version of previous that contains great information in the getting your website started.

Fundamentals of Your Website Page Layout

Customizing your website is critical. It is your own personal preferences that will make your website uniquely your own.


  • Understanding the Elements
  • Page Layout Tab
  • Preview Page
  • The Header
  • Images- Background
  • Keywords added to your images
  • Understanding the width- 780 pixels
  • Padding-usually 5 to 6
  • Choosing your colors- using the web colors from the color palette
  • Choosing your font- Ideally Verdana, Georgia, Ariel, Courier, Garamond, Roman
  • Menus- Familiarizing yourself
  • Main Panel
  • Brief overview of inserting content
  • Footer- adding images or content that is on every page
  • Adding a background image for the left and right panels

Watch the video a couple of times to familiarize yourself with all of your page elements. Keywords implementations even on images and videos will help your customers and or the web engines in placing your site in the proper page rank as long as your content also supports the keywords you are using.




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