Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly


SEO One Of The Keys To A Successful Website

While the number of websites being added every minute of every day are constantly increasing, it leaves  no doubt that if you are going to be successful on the internet then you have to optimize your website to be Search Engine visible.

In this video, the XSITE PRO2.5 commentator takes you through how to optimize your website in XSITE PRO2.5. If you have followed the tutorials on Keyword Research, then you will be miles ahead of any new or old website now on the internet. The Goal is page one of any of the search engines, page 2 at the most.




  • SEO getting an understanding In XSITE PRO2.5 the SEO Tab is under Page Analysis
  • Keyword usage
  • In the Page analysis you will find an excellent set of tools to ensure that you are producing a great site
  • Linking to other sites as well as your own to find out more about linking to and from your site you can find that information by either using the search bar or following the links under research your website.
  • While this video was a quick overview of SEO development DO NOT SKIP IT.



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