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  • Teaching Modules that will improve your website appearance and web presence. With so many websites offering free website builders, and online training series, you can be overwhelmed with the many possiblilites and venues, that you decide it is too much of a hassle.
  • It is easier to follow a well planned out strategy than it is to struggle through an unknown path. Here you you will find the lessons as they have been laid out. It is a quick short to locating the lesson that you need.
  • So if you are a beginner in website building or a seasoned web designer there is always room to grow. Most people learn by seeing how to .......
  • For those us who are just getting our toes wet with DIY website design and development this is a great place to start
  • If you are in need of a quality computer, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, we have provided you with some suggested retailers to locate your new computer for personal and business use. It will be easier to build your DIY website with the right computer system.
  • Even during these trying econimic times there are various ways for you to build your internet connection. Here are some internet access suggestions and tools to connect tothe web.
  • The need for an Antivirus program, is longer viewed as a possible need but realized by all users of the internet and those who exchange information on disc and flash drives understand that just one virus can litterally wipe out your hard drive leaving you to pick up the broken pieces of your work and memories. Don't be caught without an Antivirus program.
  • Suggested Programs.... is an excellent Anti Spyware, Malware as well as a effectiveness in controlling viruses, Trojans and worms. It is not free however but has a very high rating within the computer world.
  • Domain Registration is not Hosting, and Hosting is not domain registration. I could get technical here, but it really would not benefit you
  • Before you check out your availability of your chosen website name. you really need to take some time to go over the information on this page.
  • It is important that you have a grasp on Domain servers. While I strongly suggest that you have your domain on a DNS,
  • You may be wondering who, what, where, or even when am I ever going to need a Web Hosting Service. I am just checking out if I really want to have a website.....ok then we will continue while you think about whether your need or want domain hosting.
  • I have done the work for you with the most popular and most efficient web hosts services available. The chart below is for your convenience.
  • There are not enough words for the array of simple to follow tools connected within XSITE PRO2.5
  • Video What type of elements would like to on your page is as important as your content. While the web developers are moving to more and more video content for their pages you may just be featuring your products
  • Ok so you have your domain, and you were smart and kept it seperate from your hosting service.
  • While you are not responsible for the vendors whose security system that may be compromised you are responsible for protecting your identity and finances. When you take steps that, will not guarantee absolute protection, still yet will raise your level of personal financial security that is the proactive approach.
  • Now if you have set up your hosting with hostgator let's go over your cpanel.
  • Gmail is one of the most adaptable email services around. The business person and or online web business person will benefit from
  • Working in todays world there are many ways communicate with your customers, clients, friends and family. Google Voice has made available a convenient service available. Google Voice. We have provided videos for you to watch to easily interegrate the Google Voice technology into your business and personal life. Take a few moments to review the FREE Google Voice services and discover how powerful this tool is going to be for your life!
  • Google analytics is a great free tool that will give you tons of information over the lifetime of your successful website.
  • You established your level of skill You have assembled and implemented the important tools needed to build your website
  • A specialized area of any product idea or service, a persons passion-what they love to do perform and grow in. Now that is my definition. Here are a few definitions I got from the net.
  • Keyword research is by and large the niche best friend. Even with all that I am familiar with in my niche I still do research on every new website that I am setting up. Times change, buyers change, with the internet use expansion over the past few years to many of the countries around the world the consumer demands have changed as well.
  • Well the same principles apply to keyword, phrases, and Meta tags, at least when it comes to website search engine optimization. There are certain rules that apply, and if you learn how drive the stick shift of SEO you can drive any website to forefront of the competition.
  • Use of keyword phrases are important. However you already know that while it is important to implement short tail keyword phrases into your website, the question is do you know how differentiate your short tail phrases from your long tail phrases?
  • Continuing With Our Example Using our short tail keywords, and doing keyword research with them we now can choose from the top one undred results to build relevant and powerful content for the ABC Web Design example. The following is the short tail keyword phrases with the now exapanded long tail keyword phrases following:
  • However if you were putting together a website that either was targeted at a specialty item, one that is current in the trends of the internet marketing, and perhaps a flash in the pan, like the crazy shaped rubber bands that were hot all of the summer of 2010. Then the justification of buying those Adwords for a short period along with building your website with keywords and phrases would make a lot of cents that could manifest into dollars quickly
  • If you are like most people writing your content is perhaps the biggest obstacle you will have to overcome. However creating content or even locating information does not have to be your website design stumbling block
  • For many do it yourself website builders content is just something you throw on a page to try and sell the visitor on some product they may be promoting.
  • Working-With-Outsource.html
  • One of the key factors in building a website is using a simple straight forward web editor that will not be easy to use, but will help you design a successful webpage. XSite Pro is the leading website web editor that will take you and your site from 0 to 60 in your layout and design.
  • As in all things it is the idea that comes first. Even if you are not the creative type you do have an idea what you would like if you had you own website.
  • The familiar you become with your web page layout the more you will know what you can readily change or understand that you may want to do a more in depth change to your website.
  • In this following video, you will see how to create you web pages for your website. As you are now becoming more familiar with the Xsite Pro editor, you are definitley becoming more comfortable with your ability to really do it yourself
  • The How, Where and Why....... Have you ever been a web page that was difficult to next to impossible to navigate through just on the web page itself? Let us not include the sites like the one in the orientation video on this site that truly reflected those issues
  • As in the first video on this website showed the importance of proper navigation implementation, you are now at a place where how you will put your navigation in place on your website
  • When you add adsense to your website you are increasing your ability to obtain revenue from your website.
  • In this video, the Xsite Pro commentator takes you through how to optimize your website in Xsite Pro. If you have followed the tutorials on Keyword Research, then you will be miles ahead of any new or old website now on the internet. The Goal is page one of any of the search engines, page 2 at the most
  • Here in the Other Tab you will find some great tools that will blow you mind on the many things that you can do from variety of tools offered in the "Other Tab"
  • If you do not know your dhtml from or XML, no worries in this video you will get a general idea on how to implement your XML Site Map to increase your Google exposure.
  • We will also be covering social bookmarking and how to integrate social widgets, in Social Buttons. The training there will take you site to a more widely exposed level.
  • We are living in the information age, and for the first time individuals who have a specialty can now market their knowledge and profit from it as well.
  • How you improve your income from your site, can be your biggest challenge. The Keyword Replacer is a great tool to improve your income with very little effort.
  • As you grow in the building of your website there will come a time that you will want to add some "quick pages" either for a new product, service, or information.


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